Revamped style of an IT company specializing in working with cloud infrastructures

New York, USA

About the client

Cloudaware is a manufacturer of enterprise SaaS (software as a service). The platform collects cloud storages of companies with all data and analytics in a convenient place for customers — Cloudaware CMDB (Configuration Management Database), saving them time and efforts.

Cloudaware has been a single platform for managing its customers' cloud services for nine years. Its clients are world-renowned companies: SONY, Coca-Cola, Discovery, Global 2000, Procter & Gamble and others.


Refresh the logo and develop a modern corporate identity that will distinguish the company in the market.


While updating the logo, we focused on the sign, separating it from the font part. The sign itself has been simplified, now it is easier to use it on different media.

The letters in the logo were made lowercase — this technique allows you reduce the distance between users and the service, build up a sense of trust in the brand.

The signature colors are black, white and shades of blue. It’s a great combination of contrasts and accents. The DM Sans typeface was used for typography — everything is smooth and easy to read from any kind of media.

The variability in the design was important to Cloudaware, so we developed not one, but several patterns based on rays of stars, ticks from the logo and abstract shapes with a gradient.

Logomachine gives guarantees for the term and quality of each corporate identity. To maintain such a high level, we have assembled a cool team of designers and managers in our office.
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