Trade Informatics
Corporate identity for a company that helps people to trade properly
New-York, USA
About client

Trade Informatics helps to trade better and save money. The company is big, and has been founded many years ago, so owners decided that it’s time for changes to come.
Our task

Our task is to provide brand research and make design that differentiates the company from the competitors.

Trendy and adaptive identity with an excellent typography.
The main idea and logotype

Our client works with a large amount of information and graphs. So, we decided to reflect it in the whole identity.

We developed a non-flat logo to show that company works in many areas.
Brand colors and typography

The brand palette makes the project recognizable for the clients. Colors help design to be functional.

Also identity has a neat typography for any tasks.
Corporate identity

Multifunctional design makes any carrier special.

As you can see, identity doesn't have any patterns. Instead of this, we use beautiful gradients. They create an excellent visual effect and are easy to apply anywhere.
Logomachine gives guarantees for the term and quality of each corporate identity. To maintain such a high level, we have assembled a cool team of designers and managers in our office.
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