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Design system audit
If you are not sure whether it is worth changing the existing logo — use the Logomachine audit service. We will study your guide book, website, and social networks, and then we will tell you in detail what should be changed and what should be left.
The studio's creative team will develop a name for your business that will become its spectacular shell, and a descriptor that will emphasize the essence and mission of the project.
Design research
We will analyze in detail the design trends in the field where your company operates; we will study competitors. Based on this, we will develop positioning that will favorably distinguish your brand from others.
You will get at least 2-3 logo options: a separate designer will work on each concept — this approach guarantees you a variety of options in idea and style.
Corporate style and identity
In addition to the logo, you need a well-thought-out identity. It is an important visual image of the brand that makes any new design task easier and cheaper. The Logomachine will develop an interconnected system of graphic elements — colors, fonts and patterns.
For further correct brand development, everyone should know how to work with your corporate identity. The guideline will help solve this problem — a detailed set of rules on the use of the logo, corporate colors, fonts and other graphic elements of your business.
Website development
After completing the work on the identity, we will create a website of any complexity for you. You don't have to worry about frontend and backend – we will do everything, even the fulfillment of the site with information and articles. We will start by setting a goal, and we will finish testing the finished prototype.
Design support
Branding is an endless process, it's a constant work with a huge number of media that needs a design. If you agree that it's irrational to keep your own full-time team of designer, art director and copywriter, then Logomachine will be happy to support your business with operational execution of tasks on a permanent subscription basis.
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